modern japanese cuisine

Kobe opened its doors in 2007 to feature one of Asia’s most exciting cuisines—contemporary Japanese—in a uniquely Oregon setting. To successfully present this style required a three-fold mastery of not only cooking, but the arts of Sushi and Sake as well.

To ensure that Sushi at Kobe would be second to none, founder Billy Harto brought in a long time friend, Chef Ibong, former Sushi Chef at Nobu in Miami. This worldwide group of restaurants, named after the famed Japanese Chef, Nobu Matsuhisa, are considered by many to be the finest purveyors of Sushi on the planet. Kobe is proud to have Ibong as Chef de Cuisine..

To bring the same expertise and experience to Kobe’s Sake selections, Sake Master Marcus Pakiser (the only Sake Master currently working for a U.S. distributor) is an ongoing consultant in determining the restaurants Sake selections including those with very limited availability in the USA.

The signature style and recipes of Chef Billy Harto and Chef de Cuisine Ibong are the heart of Kobe’s dining experience. The restaurant features the finest ingredients including locally grown and organic whenever possible. And the below-street setting on a bend along swift-flowing Lithia Creek, gives it a world-of-its-own feeling that perfectly compliments the food. Together with it’s Sushi Bar and Sake Bar, Kobe brings the excitement of the new to the Rogue Valley.